Enterprise Directory (ED/ WSSO) Password Reset

This process has changed. Enterprise Directory (ED)/ Web Single Sign On (WSSO)/ Legacy Central Authentication solution has been replaced by Ping/ Advanced Central Authentication (ACA) and PingID/ Multi factor authentication (MFA) that uses Desktop/ AD (Active Directory) credentials.

Most users will not need ED/ WSSO account and password to log in to the KP network and applications. However, if you have a valid business or technical need to use your WSSO account (for example: ePIMS application login), you can simply reset your password by using the link and instructions below. There is no longer a need to activate your WSSO account.

  • To set/reset your ED/WSSO password, type https://accessnow.kp.org/accessnow/ in the web browser (E.g., Chrome, Edge, Safari) and login using your Windows/ Desktop credentials.

  • For more information, please refer to this article.

If you still need further assistance, please call KP Service Desk